Short Animated Videos That Summarize Each Book of the Bible 

Jackie Hill Perry on How to Resist Temptation to Sin

Video:  Shame the Strong or Influence the Influencers?

Best Advice for Dating Couples 

Reviver Guatemala April 2016

Video: Fight The New Drug (2minutes)

Soothing the Threatened Brain

Read Scripture: Numbers 

3 minute video:  Two Guys the Day Before Passover 

Read Scripture Series: Paul’s 1st Letter to the Corinthians

A Pediatrcian Shows You How To Calm A Crying Baby

J.I. Packer: In His Own Words 

Pixar’s “UP” in Real Life: 80-Year-Old Grandparents Celebrate Anniversary 

If Moms Talked to Each Other The Way They Talked To Their Kids 

How to Survive World Religions 101

Video: Praying the Bible 

Romans Explained in Animated Video 

Funny Video: Artisan Water 

Tim Keller: The Theology of Singleness 

Thriving Churches in a Hostile Culture 

Reviver Video

3 Min Video: Empathy

21 Martyrs:  Remember. Unite. Pray.

3 min video: Beloved 

Following God can end Badly 

VIDEO:  The Story of Ian and Larissa 

Citygate Films

Holy Week, Day 5: Thursday 

Justin Taylor

Christians Get Depressed Too

David Murray

Video:  U2 cover – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For 

Jenny and Tyler

Video: Gospel Revolution 

J.D. Grear


Video: The New Testament in 10 Minutes 

Andy Naselli

Young Man Battles Cancer with a Smile 

Alyssa Magnotti

The Universe Had a Beginning

Dr. Stephen Myer

Cultivating Meaningful Relationships in Small Groups

Mike Emlet

VIDEO:  Guatemala Mission Trip 

FUNNY VIDEO:  Shallow Small Group Bible Study  

Brian Mosley


Faithful Heart from The Austin Stone on Vimeo.

9-Min Video: Heart at Risk, Heart at Rest 

Storyframes Collection


VIDEO : Ira Glass on How the Media Portrays Christians 


AUDIO: 8 Min – Tim Keller on True Happiness 

Tim Keller

VIDEO:  Sex Can’t Fix You 

Tony Litster

FUNNY VIDEO:  It’s Not About The Nail 

Jason Headley

VIDEO: Scientist or Christian

St Helen’s Bishopgate

VIDEO: Work Camp NE

Video: porn is wack – wise words for freedom



VIDEO: Heavenly Identity

The Branch Corvallis

Video: The Story of God, the World and You

Glen Scrivener

Video: Broken Body Image

Julie Lowe

Funny Video:  Trust Fall Attack

Video:  Tim & Kathy Keller speak on Marriage


Video: Why Read the Bible?

Jonathan Parnell


Movie Trailer: Captivated 

Finding freedom in a media captive culture

Free Christian Rap – The All-Sufficiency of Christ

by Timothy Brindle

VIDEO: Providence Journal Covers Reviver

Video:  Guatemala Mission Trip

Video: The Story of Ian & Larissa